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Beneath These Giants (Novel)

"There is power in your blood."

Beneath These Giants is the first book in my Urban Fantasy series telling the story of Deborah Sloane.

A fierce but reckless child of a dead terrorist, Deborah's life in 1980's Belfast changes forever when the voice of the vicious, but powerful spirit, Cassandra the Red invades her mind and warns her that the world as we know it is about to end.

It's up to Deborah and a band of misfits to meet the threat of a rogue god, a demonic arms-dealer, and the collapse of reality before the world is swallowed by darkness.

Beneath These Giants is currently being shopped around Literary Agencies and presses. Watch this space!!

Blood of the Giants

(Novel - Beneath These Giants Book 2)

"The Red Moon rises..."

This is my current Work-In-Progress and follow-up story to Beneath These Giants. 

We leap forward in time from the jolly 1980's setting of the first book to present-day London in the aftermath of the climax to Deborah Sloane's dark adventure with Cassandra the Red.

We follow the mysterious Bastard of Fate, Aine Woods, an orphan and abuse survivor with a terrible power in her blood who has hit the city's streets to hunt for evil men and monsters.

During one of her hunts, she is approached by a stranger and offered the chance to join a powerful organisation, under the personal invite of its legendary leader; Red Deb Sloane.


The Fiend

“Imagination never sleeps."

The Fiend is in the outlining stage of the writing process.

Michael Reynolds has seen it all in his time moulding Galway’s best and brightest young minds. Ten-year-olds come in all shapes and sizes; fibbers, fire-bugs, biters – you name it.

That is until the O’Reilly family’s new foster child arrives in Michael’s class. They’re good folks, the O’Reilly’s. They raise good kids.

Noah doesn’t talk to anyone. Except for his imaginary friend – Mo. There’s no harm in that, is there? Lots of kids have imaginary friends. But the other kids tease Noah when he talks to Mo. They say he’s weird - a freak.

Then the accidents start happening. Horrible accidents.

As the violence escalates, Michael must confront the monsters buried in his own past, and face the horrifying truth that Noah’s imaginary friend maybe something very real.

And very hungry.



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